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Transitions from one chapter to the next have always interested me. They are often chaotic, confusing and illuminating all in the same moment. For the past ten years I had been lucky enough to facilitate global thought leaders engaged in creating some part of what we might do next as a species. What I found was that I was NOT crazy. We are indeed in another cultural transition, like the five others that proceeded this one.


In my experience, all cultural transitions are fraught with uncertainty as our old stories fall away and the new ones have yet to stabilize. It can also get very personal. In the middle of our collective story evolving, we also have our own personal beginnings and endings brought on by those new stories and life conditions calling us to stretch beyond our comfort zone.


I found myself in that state of transition again in 2018. I did the only thing I knew how to do and that was reflect on what was falling away and what seemed to be emerging for me that was new and novel. I captured and mapped the stories that were beckoning me forward and posted them on this website.


It turned out the integrating narrative that provided a meaningful guide for this latest transition, both for me individually and as a part of our collective culture was the evolution of expanding intelligence.  It provided me with a simple reason to get out of bed in the morning in this later stage of my life. To add my small contribution to intelligence expanding on this planet and in the Kosmos to more and more complex forms. What that actually meant to my life from that point going forward was in the details I set out to re-visit.

Most of what informed the initial inquiry I undertook is in the "Intelligence" and "Dispatch"  sections. What first came to light as possible directions to explore in this evolution of expanding intelligence narrative are in the "Projects" section. AND if you want to see a collection of samples of my body of work that led to this moment, there is a link on the "Contact" page that will lead  you into that archive.


If you have found your way here, I hope that something you experience on these pages will help in your own inquiry.  With love, David




This universe continues to evolve

into more and more complex forms. Each one more complex and inclusive than the last.


Humans are the latest development in this expansion of increasing intelligence. AND we are already imagining a trans-human future in this moment.

Dispatches from the now and the future are arriving everyday. These tales of innovation are revealing generative work in the now and future that is emerging worldwide.


They stand in stark contrast to the dystopian views we seem so attached to in our films, television series, video games and social media.

As my Narrative Intelligence  database continues to expand, it is already suggesting projects that can help us map the path towards a more generative culture. I believe it is up to us to be on the bright side of that future.

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