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Animating Force - What is Spirit Up To?


One of the questions we explore as we consider what is informing the future is… “what is spirit up to.” Since humans first reflected on their existence they have created stories of gods and spiritual encounters with larger than life forces they believe have something to do with how life on this planet unfolds. This inquiry began with nature gods, evolved to traditional religions, the re-discovery of contemplative spiritual practices and now the spiritual implications of the quantum realm.


Why I call it “animating force” is because you can give any name you want to the mystery of how the universe expands and unfolds as we come to recognize something larger than ourselves. Unless you think everything happens randomly, the universe evolves to more complex forms. According to our current stories some force seems to be involved in this activity. You can call it God, spirit, creative innovation or whatever, but the fact that we experience something that animates evolution is a story that is in play with a majority of humans. And if you think science has the answer for this, just remember that 97% of our known universe is something called “dark matter”. We have little idea of what that is or what role it plays in the universe expanding.

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