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As we are influenced by the dispatches arriving from the expanding, evolving field of intelligence, projects are suggested whose intent is to explore some aspect of the power of stories, immersive experiences and generative leadership that have some kernel of future innovation inherent in them. On this page are three projects that I am exploring.

Current Projects

Transmedia AI NLP Analysis

Vital Signs of Democracy

Epigraph TV Series/Metaverse

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At Story Studio we explore the collective stories we tell about the now and future. We believe the stories we tell ourselves influence what we feel, what we think and ultimately what we will do as individuals and as part of our culture.


We look at news trends in politics, economics, media, technology, culture and spirit. We use our Transmedia AI NLP platform to analyze the trends that are emerging in the data, create a timeline of how the story is unfolding, identify the key players and analyze summaries of what they are saying.


We also look at how a particular story SCALES. This determines its influence on the cultural conversation. The more people that write about the subject and perspective of the story, or forward posts and text about it, the more influence the story has in shaping our now and future.

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We feel it is imperative that we shift our current NARRATIVE about democracy in America. Instead of passively accepting a fight to the death between red and blue states, we recognize the majority of Americans want democratic institutions in this country in spite of what both political parties tell them.


But how do you ascertain who is winning this unprecedented struggle given the overwhelming number of biased, contradicting news stories, inflammatory social media posts or disinformation videos.


The Vital Signs project uses the Story Studio Transmedia AI NLP threat analysis to look at a diverse set of news articles that have something to do with “Threats to Democracy in America” in the next three years.


The analysis that comes out of our AI NLP platform allows us to rate each news article for its threat level to democracy. We then aggregate the ratings of individual news articles into a weekly master score that is displayed on the Vital Signs of Democracy meter/threat analysis portal.


Epigraph is a unique, transmedia, entertainment property that integrates a dramatic television series, a mysterious network of web sites, podcasts, social media influencers and a gamified metaverse.


Offering a sanctuary from the unstructured mayhem of social media, an incubator for testing new ideas and emerging cultural narratives without any danger to participants and an amplifier of the best concepts that emerge from Epigraph that can literally change the real world.

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