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Integral Life Practice PDA 2.0


Integral Life Practice is an important component of Integral Developmental Theory. ILP is based on a particular Integral developmental body of work created by noted philosopher Ken Wilber. A key quality of the Integral Life practice design is to move the participant from an intellectual understanding of the subject to a more experiential state. Research shows that in order for a human to effectively change unwanted habits, the approach has to be more than cognitive. It needs to evoke an experience of the desired new habit that takes into account the two interior and two exterior states that all humans experience the world through.  


The videos on this page show some of the Integral Life Practice applications I developed for Integral Life. The developmental move in the design of Integral Life Practice from cognitive understanding to full embodied experience was a first step towards deeper brain states that can be evoked with Virtual and Mixed Reality technology.

ILP 2.0 Boomer Trailer

Integral Life bundled ILP modules for difference audiences. This trailer promoted the Integral health applications for baby boomers. It included ILP content that addressed nutrition, weight control, dehydration, flexibility, strength training, chronic illness and death practices.  

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ILP 2.0 - Body, Mind Motion Training Module

An Integral Life Practice approach to strength training includes much more than just physical strength. Rob McNamara is an extraordinary coach and teacher who integrates emotional and psychological elements in his approach to Integral strength training. Research shows that if the emotional and psychological aspects are not addressed as you train, the new habits are much less likely to take.   

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ILP 2.0 - Zen Leadership Training Module

There are many cognitive approaches to leadership. They are fine as far they go. An Integral approach to leadership however includes much more. Ginny Whitelaw of the Institute for Zen Leadership uses her considerable background as a scientist and program manager for NASA and her expertise in martial arts to offer a fully embodied approach to leadership.

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This design document lays out the initial parameters for the development of an Integral Life Practice 2.0 PDA that offers an Integral Developmental approach to personal development that is more than cognitive in its method. The development of Integral Life Practice is a precursor to the state change experiences possible with Virtual Reality technology.  

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