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Story Studio -Transmedia AI NLP Analysis Platform

The Story Studio TV project invites storytellers, artists, entrepreneurs and global thought leaders to engage about our now and future through our "Story Catching" process informed by our Transmedia AI NLP research and analysis . What innovations do we currently see emerging that can provide key leverage points for generative change? What are the examples we are drawn to that illuminate some version of our story about how we think we are going to get from now to a more generative future?


In many ways, our Story Catching process helps us predict which innovations will be included in  the new generative narrative that is emerging. These key innovations once identified are promoted through  transmedia vehicles like dramatic television series, web programming, social media campaigns and immersive experiences.


Context and Process

We all tell ourselves stories about who we are and what out place in the world is. These stories combine into cultural themes that guide us towards the now and future. The good news is...  IF a  story is no longer serving your culture, it can be changed.


Exploring the stories you are telling the world about the now and future in a Post-Covid world begins by…


Storycatching your current aspirations about why X is attracting you and why now.


• It continues by examining what you think the resistance is to your inspiration manifesting in the world. What are the obstacles you will need to overcome to achieve success however you define it.


• It concludes by analyzing how aligned your current narrative is with the cultural themes we have identified in our growing intelligence database. The dynamic inquiry field created by our Story Catching process supported by our AI NLP analysis recognizes that your narratives influence some version of how the culture will move forward in a post covid world.


Cultural stories explain it's past, influence its present and help envision its future. They shape the cultures economic, political, social, technological and spiritual choices. They communicate the collective thoughts, feelings, dreams and actions to others.


Once a story catching process is established, new participants and their stories can be added to our database of intelligence as it further expands its reach toward future possibilities. This is accomplished by running news search queries through our AL NLP platform and interviewing thought leaders around the world.


The results are used by Story Studio directors and producers as deep resource for the narratives they want to create to promote a more generative world.

What Next Conference - Future Film Stories

At the What Next Conference we facilitated the audience in exploring the films we are creating about the future. We wanted to illuminate what we were imagining.


This video is of the evening session following an initial exploration in the morning and an afternoon of audience engagement. The four themes that emerged that are covered in this session are: apocalyptic, dystopian, transformation and singularity. 

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What Now Conference - Generative Futures

At the What Now Conference I did a short piece on what I think the difference is between the extractive culture we have now and the generative culture we seek. This is one of my stories that influences my view as we journey from now into the future. This story was a lead in to the storycatching process we did with the audience about what stories were informing them about the future.

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