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"Imagination creates reality" - Richard Wagner

As I reflected on potential futures I came to understand that intelligence is expanding and evolving into more complex, more capable and more inclusive forms in me, this planet and the Kosmos.  Each new moment contains something novel that ensures that we and the world will never be the same. The expansion of the Kosmos , of which I was a part, was expanding out, not falling back to some imagined perfect state. The Integral Map developed by philosopher Ken Wilber, was a significant influence in my exploration.


One of human’s unique contributions in my view to this evolution of expanding intelligence is in the stories we tell, the innovations we shape, the relationships we engage in and the projects we create. The three short storyboards below reflect some of the themes that influenced me as I worked this inquiry. They each have an individual story to impart and collectively they create some interesting combinations of integrated thought and experience.


At the bottom of this page are three examples of initial work that manifested out of my evolution of intelligence at that time. These projects were a result of co-creating with some very talented people .

Increasing Complexity

Creative Expansion Into Novelty

Developmental Theory

Past Explorations


Random 1 - Lost in Woonsocket

An A&E Television Series and award winning documentary film exploring the concept of "guerilla philanthropy" in the context of the wisdom of the crowd and the power of one in the evolution of our intelligence. 

G Ocean2.jpg

Google Ocean - The Ultimate Search Engine

A story mapping exploration on Google Earth. Geo-locating information and stories to raise our intelligence on ocean conservation strategies linked to films, games and virtual communities.


Integral Life Practice


A whole life coaching application designed to help individuals evolve from cognitive understandings of their personal development to immersive, state change experiences.

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