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Dispatch 2 - Standing at the Crossroads

In this dispatch, I look at a popular cultural story currently being reinforced by so many of our dystopian movies and television series. This story postulates we are standing at a crossroads with a 50/50 chance that we will bring about our own demise. In this piece, I examine different perspectives of how change actually takes place viewed from the three narratives of the culture war we find ourselves in and look again at the claim that a small group of people can indeed change the world. 


Integral Life is the on-line media community that contains the most complete collection of media on Integral Theory and what it includes in its view of the current culture wars..

In this dispatch, I look at a research study conducted in 2016 by the Stanford Graduate School of Education. They looked at the ability of top students to tell the difference between real news, fake news or paid advertising content. Spoiler alert: they didn’t do very well and they are not alone. We all get fooled these days by cleverly worded “click bait”.


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