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Dispatch 8 - Europe Acts!

The question hanging in the air with every new revelation about the use of our data to create a new type of news, is what are governments doing about it, if anything. In this dispatch I look at the first major effort by the European Union to re-balance the data privacy interchange with new rules it is issuing called the General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR for short. These new regulations are the first step towards changing the engagement rules between the big platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter and individuals with an EU address. As you can imagine this is a very complex conversation between governments, social media platforms, consumers and protection agencies and in this dispatch I attempt to give you an idea of what it all might mean for you. After watching my video, read the full articles below for all the details.



How Europe’s New Privacy Rule is Reshaping the Internet

By Russell Brandom – The Verge - 3-28-2018


Facebook moves to shrink its legal liabilities under GDPR

Natasha Lomas – – 4-19-2018

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